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Impress Me, Bora.

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I am soooooo excited. As in. Tomorrow, we're going on a "business trip" to Boracay. :D We'll be staying at one of the new resorts there and we're building a tie-up with them for our passengers. So after the presentation and all that work-related stuff, it's time to HAVE FUN!!!

I've never been to Boracay. It's my first time. I'm a Boracay virgin. Hehehe. Yeah, yeah. Dork na kung dork.

Excited na ko coz Richard, Luis and Imelda are gonna be with me! :D It's everyone's first time! We can't wait!!!

Dami ko sana gusto gawin: banana boat ride, para sailing, snorkelling, island hopping and all the "Boracay-related" activities my friends have been telling me about. Kaya lang shempre, hindi naman ako pwede ng mga strenuous activities coz of the baby. Hmph. If I know, the baby would really enjoy the high flying. KJ lang talaga tong si Richard. Hehehe. So sabi ko kay Richard, sila na lang ni Luis at picture-an ko na lang sila. Hehehe! Weeeee!

Can't wait to try the Chorizo Burger, the ribs at Station 1 that James told me about, wanna try the food at Aria, at kung anu-ano pa!!!

So anyway, sana mag-enjoy naman kami. Bohol kasi set such high standards kasi.

Wait, wait, bibili pa pala kami ng baon! Weeee!

Kung may suggestions kayo sa things to do (na pwede sa mga preggy ha!) and good eats, lemme know!!!! I can still view them all tom am kasi afternoon pa naman kami aalis eh!

Alejandro Luis Consing Motas

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My Luis is already a year and a half.

Can you believe it?! A year and a half had passed since he started rocking our world! He has grown to be such an adorable (sometimes tantum-throwing) little boy.

A few of the things he does now that keeps me smiling:

1. Calls me "A-ee" (coz he couldn't say mommy). But he calls Richard Daddy (UNFAIR!!!).

2. He can say "Ma" when he means "mwah", but if you coax him into saying "Mama", he answers dutifully with "Papa". Never fails.

3. If you say, "One...two..." He would gleefully answer, "Tee!!!" because he knows the next is three. And he would be tickled after.

4. If you say, "Alejandro" he'd add "Wis" (for Luis) then if you say "Consing" he'd end it with "Tatas" (Motas). He just officially murdered his last name.

5. He is generally a sweet and nice boy. His yaya tells us so. But when I get home from work, he starts acting up. Kasi he wants to ALWAYS be with me. So even if I need to go to the restroom, he "cries" that he can't join me. Hehehe.

6. If he's the first to wake up, he looks at me and Richard to see if we're also awake. If he sees that we're still sleeping, he tries to go back to sleep. Sometimes though, when he's so ready to play, he sits on Richard or pokes my face to stir us. :D

7. He practically cries when he sees the face of his pediatrician -- even if they haven't seen each other for weeks (or months?). He KNOWS.

8. It used to be so difficult to make him drink medicine. But due to some mysterious thing his yaya did, now if you say medicine. He lies still, opens his mouth and waits for the dropper. GALING!!!

9. His skin color is between mine and Richard. He's not as dark as his daddy (although I have to say, he shares the same skin color as Richard's "hidden parts". Hehehehe!) but not as fair as me. He's in between. My uncle from Canada said, "olive" daw.

Lately though, he's darker than usual coz of the swimming that he did. His color has not gone back to normal. Waaaah. And it looks like it's not going back. Pano yan, magbi-beach pa naman si Luis this weekend. Hehehe. Hinahabol yata talaga color ni Richard.

10. Before he sleeps, he would pull my face towards Richard and Richard's face towards mine because he wants us to kiss. When we do as he wants, he smiles. One time, we extended our kiss and did not let go right away. Siguro feeling niya something's wrong, kasi ang tagal na, he started pulling us apart naman. Hehehe.

Wala lang, gusto ko lang isulat some of the things that Luis does that makes us happy. He is such a blessing. :D

Brian Gorrell and Team Brian vs. Gucci Gang

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I had resisted and resisted and tried so very hard...but I can't! Haaaay, ayan, I'm writing na about the Gucci Gang. I didn't want to join the bandwagon sana, but hey, I realized I was on the bandwagon and enjoying the ride. So might as well write about the already infamous Gucci Gang -- well, about Brian Gorrell actually.
Have you guys heard of Brian Gorrell's blog? if you haven't, you are one of the very few who have not. Google it, you'll find it in an instant. Or better yet, let me just post the link here:

I've been following this blog for some time now, ever since I heard about it. It's about an underdog biting at the heels of its oppressors. It mostly has negative energy but I am so in love with it!

This guy, Brian is an epitome of a (wo)man scorned. He is an angry, angsty, hurting, heartbroken, devastated (wo)man. I say (wo)man coz he's a man with a woman's heart. In short, he's gay. So gay that he sounds like a woman. His writing shows just how hurt and angry he is for being duped. And for losing $70,000. to his dweeb of an ex-lover.

I love his blog because he attacks the FAKENESS of his ex-lover and his cohorts who happen to be the "high" society of Manila. Literally high pala -- high on drugs. These are the people who made us believe that they are living the good life. They seem to live, eat, drink, and breathe fashion. Mga fashionista daw sila. I believe a lot of people also follow the blog because they enjoy the fact that Brian exposes the truth behind the lies they call their lives.

There's nothing really wrong with trying to be fashionistas, as there's nothing wrong with wanting to look good. But sometimes, those who hide behind "fashion" as a passion are those who are hiding.Period. They are hiding who they really are, what they really feel, and what the truth is. In short, they are fake. Or as Brian said in his blog, "faux".

Yun naman ang ayoko kasi. Pinagyayabang pa ang mga branded na bags, collection ng shoes, at make up na parang that's what's life is all about. Kunwari happy and fulfilled coz of shopping, pero empty naman pala. In short, "FAUX". Hello, wake up and smell the coffee, there's more to life than that! There are bigger issues than your pinakamimithing Manolo Blahniks. Mas maganda magpakatotoo ka na lang, diba?!

Anyway, those are some side kwento from his blog, dami pa. Like Embassy (aka "the hottest place in town") apparently is where cocaine gets sold and snorted happily by the high society. Ayan, diba yun yung current place to be?! Naku, naku, naku, sorry ah. Inis lang kasi ako coz I've encountered some people na nakatungtong lang ng Embassy kala mo part na ng "high society". Feeling sosyal na. Social nga, social climber. Hehehe.

Ano ba yan, makamasang makamasa ang dating ko. Hehehe.Makibaka! Wag matakot!
A basta, ang point ng entry ko is this: Fight fight lang, Brian. Kasi at least ikaw nagpapakatotoo. (Yes, feeling close, at para namang naiintindihan niya ang tagalog. Hehehe!)

Yun lang po, bow.

Ten Things That Made You Happy

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Thanks for the tag, Gianina! Another way to count and name one's blessings!

These made me happy recently:

1. Something funny happened last night (April2) when Richard and I were about to go to bed. Ngahahaha! And we were laughing about it last night and again this morning.

2. Luis follows me around the house (wherever I go) when I get home from work. ;D

3. I woke up the other day and saw that Richard and Luis had exactly the same sleeping position! It's like seeing Richard and his mini-me in action! Hahaha!

4. Got to visit Costa Allegra (see my blog) last Monday (Mar31).

5. Getting tidbits on what to do, what to see, where to eat in Boracay (here's the 2nd trip we're planning) from James and Maianne.

6. Lyn telling me that I am glowing (during her despedida pizza dinner) when all else say I'm not my usual beautiful self coz of my pregnancy. I love you, Lyn!

7. There's a steady supply of green mango and bagoong (lately I always want something sour to go with my food).

8. I made fruit salad (yes, I've been craving this as well. What's up with that, baby?!)

9. A long weekend is coming up (I so need it!!!).

10. Hotel food.

Do the same guys, list whatever 10 things made you happy recently.

I'm tagging Claire, Ryan Castro, Maianne, Jemmy, Miami, Gigi, Rach L., Macho, Liz, Kookie

To Collect or Not to Collect, That Is The Question

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One time, an acquaintance and I were talking about our lovelives. Currently, I am happy with mine and she isn't with hers. She had relationships in the past but they didn't work out. So she's alone now, preparing and prettying herself up in hopes of snagging the right man soon.

While talking, she said to me, "Alam mo, sayang, sayang, sayang, dapat may collection ako ng pictures ng mga ex ko noh." This totally appalled me. How could anyone say that?! She said kasi so that she could reminisce about time spent with them and she can show me (or whoever friends) their pictures when she talks about them. (Hell, maybe even post them in her Multiply or friendster account?!).

Maybe it's the manang in me, but I really think it's inappropriate to have a "collection" of pictures of your ex's. Diba? Ano yun, parang mga trophies? Let alone, think about displaying them to the world! Why would you even want to have them, diba?! If it's all over, then it's over. Besides, I couldn't imagine keeping a collection of my own coz I know it'll hurt Richard if he ever saw them. I know I'd kill Richard if he had his own collection!

Ewan ko, maybe this girl said that coz nga she's alone right now and doesn't have to think of a partner who might potentially get hurt with her collection. And she probably doesn't have a collection coz right after breaking up with one, the next one came and shempre, she had to think of that 2nd guy's feelings, kaya she destroyed all pictures.

Sabi ko tuloy sa kanya, pasalamat siya at wala nga siyang collection. Kasi if she has, and she posts them anywhere, my goodness, baka pagtawanan lang siya ng mga ex's coz it'll be too obvious that she still cares about their past together at naka-display pa sila sa current life niya!

What do you think, appropriate ba ang mag-keep ng collection?! I wanna know if you are as manang as me.

For The Girl (or Gay?! - Mukhang Bading Eh) Who Can't Keep Her Eyes Off Me

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SNOOP (verb): to look or pry especially in a sneaking or meddlesome manner ; to interest oneself in what is not one's concern; to pry into the private affairs of others, especially by prowling about
RUBBERNECK (verb): to look about, stare, or listen with exaggerated curiosity
SPY (noun): a secret watcher; someone who secretly watches other people
SLEUTH (verb): to track or follow
Silip ng silip, nakikitingin.
"What's new? What's up? What's going on na ba?" Aba, e bakit kailangan mong malaman?! Kasali ka ba dapat sa buhay ko?!
Tsk tsk tsk. Sige, libre naman makitingin. Go for it, girl! Kung ikaliligaya mong tignan ang happenings ng buhay ko.

Ship Familiarization at Costa Allegra March 31, 2008

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Monday morning, I, together with a group of educators, gathered for a vessel tour of Costa Allegra. This was a field trip organized by a very well-connected colleague, Dolly. Costa Allegra was docked in Manila yesterday. This vessel tour was by invitation only (naks!) and we had to make sure we give all the required information before they let us set foot inside the ship.

Funny, after weeks of planning, we (myself, my boss and her bodyguard) almost didn't go on with the scheduled tour. Kasi naman tong boss ko, she refuses to go anywhere without her bodyguard. But they were not able to provide the details required by Costa weeks before when they were being collected. Last minute, we were trying to get them to make an exception and to let Jack, the bodyguard, join in. When they initially refused and said they won't allow the bodyguard to join the tour, my boss gave her visitor's pass back and claimed her ID. She said if Jack isn't going, she's not going either. Of course, my loyalty was with my boss (though my heart was bleeding as I was so looking forward to this field trip), so I handed my visitor's pass as well and got my company ID back.

Dolly, in a panic, said she's gonna see what she can do and asked us to wait in the bus that will take us to Manila Hotel (should they say they really won't allow Jack), where we can be picked up by the driver. She reasoned with them that we (my boss and myself daw) are the reasons she organized the tour and sabit lang lahat ng educators. Naks naman! Although we all know it's not true, it's really for the educators, kami talaga yung sabit. So the vessel people went inside and BROUGHT THE CAPTAIN OUT. Captain was a nice guy and said he doesn't have a problem with the guy, just with the gun (no firearms allowed onboard). The gun and the bullets and all the bodyguard-related paraphernalia were left with the Philippine Coast Guard.

So we were able to get in! YIPEE!

Ayan, si Jack, who almost didn't get to tour the vessel. Salamat na lang sa powers ni Dolly!

Haaaay, saya naman ng tour. Ganda ng vessel. Although they said it was the oldest and smallest vessel they have at Costa Cruises, to me, comparing it to NN vessels, it still looked great! I was taking pictures everywhere.Our tour guide wasn't surprised naman that we were taking pics of eevrything. One educator was even filming everything! And I was trying to hide my giddy feeling, kasi parang exaggerated naman kung super lumabas ang excitement ko diba?!
Our lovely tour guide, Annie.

The giddy tourist

Bakit nga ba ako excited?! Sige na nga, I'll spill the beans na! Kasi, one of the trips Richard and I are planning to make this summer is this cruise onboard Costa Allegra!!! Yes, yes, we are going on a cruise! Pero short lang siya, 5 days 4 nights, from Hong Kong to Sanya China to Cailan Vietnam lang. Pero at least, diba?! Our very frist trip out of the country (except my US in 2003) and we get to visit 3 places agad! Kasama pa si Luis! Hehehe.
So anyway, while touring the vessel, I could already imagine the things that Richard and I will do there, where we'll hang out, where Luis can play, etc. After the tour and presentation, they served us a 4-course lunch. Sarap naman! Even the mineral water came from Tuscany! :D
I can just imagine, super tataba nanaman ako sa cruise na to. Kasi buffet everything! Six meals a day! I don't think I will sleep once the cruise in underway!

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! Now, I only just need to wait for our passports to be renewed...
Hay, I really am blessed to be around people who open up avenues and opportunities for me!

Blue Ocean Strategy March 27-28 2008

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My bosses and I were slated to attend this training fro two days. I knew very little about it before getting to the InterContinental last Thursday.I just knew that this was a great opportunity to spend some time off from work and to have access to yummy hotel food. Hehehe. true enough, I LOVE THE FOOD. Buffet am and pm snacks, and buffet lunch for 2 days! :D Happiness!

The training of course, was fantastic! I didn't realize who our trainer would be until I got there and saw the name. It was no other than Josiah Go. His name was very familiar to me coz I saw that name in National Bookstore. He wrote several books. I just didn't know his face.

So when I realized he was the guy who was making small talk with me, coz I was the earliest bird, I got starstruck! He was so down to earth and very approachable, considering how brilliant he is. Galing noh, yung mga may karapatang magyabang dahil sobrang galing nila at successful, yun yung mga super humble at down to earth. Pero may mga tao na feeling magaling lang pero kala mo kung sinong superstar. Buti na lang napapasama ako sa mga former.Hehehe.

Anyway, the training taught me a lot. It helped me expand my brain. I got to work with other brilliant minds from different industries and got to pick their brains. Ang hirap pala pag lahat ng nasa training e presidents, CEOs, VPs, Managers, etc. Parang nakaka-pressure na dapat magaling ka din. Basta ako, salamat na lang kay God at na-expose ako sa mga taong yun. Now I know what I want to be when I grow up. Hehehe.

Fat and Ugly, But Oh So Worth It!

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Lately I've been feeling fat and ugly.

I look at our Bohol pictures and our recent Batangas pictures and I wonder how I even fit in my bathing suit! In the office, my colleagues have been quick to point out that my tummy's getting oh-so-big and that I don't look like my normal gorgeous (ahem, hehehe) self. I can't say they're exaggerating coz some of my pants no longer fit (hwhaaaat?!) and I lost all desire to pretty myself up (as soon as I learned that I was indeed pregnant). Kaya tuloy I feel ugly. And fat.

I keep nagging Richard that I'm already fat and ugly. And he keeps telling me I'm not. He said (and of course I know it's true) that it's normal to get bigger and heavier at this time coz I'm pregnant -- but I keep arguing, it's only 2 months! I wasn't like this when I was pregnant with Luis! I was still gorgeous then -- up until the 7tth month when my nose decided to grow out of proportion.

I've been feeling foul about the way I look up lately until yesterday. I went on half day to go see my OB and finally have my first ultrasound. I was nervous coz I didn't want what happened last year to happen again (poor heartbeat of the baby that's why we lost him/her). I waited and waited for hours. By the time the OB was ready to see me, Richard was already there! See, I waited THAT long.

Turned out the baby's safely nestled in his little balloon down there (thank God!). Doc said everything was fine. There were already little stumps growing -- which the doc said are the beginnings of his arms and legs. We saw the little heart thumping and the doc quickly reassured us that he is doing well and everything is normal.

Haaay, all of a sudden, I don't feel as fat and ugly anymore. Medyo chubby na lang. Hehehe.

Life's still good!

Hotta Hotta Summer!

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I am sooooo excited!!! Whoopee!!! Richard and I are cooking up 2 additional trips this summer AND I can't wait!!!!

I don't want to spill the details yet as nothing's super duper ultra mega final yet (kinda somewhat almost 99% sure final pa lang). Where's my camera?!

We're planning a lot of firsts this summer! Yipee! Sana sana sana matuloy lahat!!!

Things are looking pretty good! Life's not so bad. There truly is sunshine after the rain! God must be trying to win me back.

Vacation Mode Again!!!

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It's Holy Wednesday, tomorrow's the start of a long weekend. We're going out of town again! Whoopee! Most probably Batangas lang, since we didn't do any planning. We just need to get some fresh provincial air. Richard's thinking of bringing everyone (including parents and brothers, and nieces -- the whole caboodle) to the Farm at San Benito again for a day tour (kaso naman sobrang mahal ) or Hidden Valley daw (he's been telling me it's super nice there -- but it's even more expensive than visiting The Farm). Anyway, I don't really care, as long as I'm with them. Kahit sa bahay lang ok na.

We're also bringing my mom along. She, of course, wouldn't want to stay at home when we're leaving for Batangas and my sis and her family's leaving for Pampanga. I think it's but right that she goes out and tries to enjoy herself.

Haaaay, summer's here! I can feel the heat! Literally! Haaay, to be pregnant and experience summer. Pwede bang magbitbit ng aircon sa bag?!

Life's still good.

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Our Planned Unplanned Bohol-Cebu Trip March 8-12 2008

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It was exactly what I needed: time off from the stresses of my life. It was what the doctor ordered – rest and relaxation.

Richard and I bought tickets to Bohol on a whim sometime late last year. Cebu Pacific had a Piso Fare promo (Cebu Pacific, I love!) and just decided to take advantage of it – thanks to the help of my best friend travel coordinator, Janice (Hi Jans!). We thought of Cebu and Bohol since it would mean we’ll get to visit 2 places in one trip and we haven’t seen these places yet (except Cebu – I’ve been there several times, but it’s still a first for Richard). We selected the dates to cover both our 2nd anniversary (March 10) and Richard’s birthday (March 11).

We originally planned it to be a honeymoon vacation – but the baby came before the trip. Hehehe. So it just became an adventure trip. Adventure meaning we planned nothing and decided to go with whatever happens there.

We’ve researched online on what we can find in Bohol, places to visit, etc, but never really booked anything or made any reservations. The day before the trip, Richard was frantically looking for a place for us to book because he feared we might end up sleeping in the streets of Tagbilaran. The travel agent quoted an exorbitant price and I said I’d rather risk sleeping under the stars than succumb to highway robbery (actually, it was more of they needed the payment by 230pm that day and both Richard and I couldn’t leave our work to pay at the bank).

Night before the trip (Friday) was the only time we packed our things. We are last minute packers – but efficient and effective nevertheless. We didn’t leave anything or forget to bring anything. Hehehe. So we got to sleep late, almost 11pm and had to wake up super early so we don’t miss our super early flight. Lack of sleep ito!


230am Saturday morning, the ever-reliable Chris came to expertly whiz his way to the airport. We were there by 3am and got checked in by about 330, just right for our 545 flight.

I knew I had to try to sleep coz it would be a full day, but I was too excited!

We boarded the plane at about 530am (super early!). The kid sitting in front of us was talking to his dad. He said, "Umaga na sa pupuntahan natin?" The dad said, "Umaga na rin naman dito eh, pero madilim pa."

We arrived at Bohol at 7am, as the flight attendant of Cebu Pacific said. It was a tiny airport but with lots of flyers of different hotels and pictures of places to visit in Bohol. Our vacation has officially begun.

We were picked up by the driver of our acquaintance (friend of a friend who volunteered to tour us around Bohol). Hi Espie! We had breakfast at their house and then immediately headed to Alona Beach, Panglao to find a place to stay.

Richard, having done his own research, was bent on staying at Bohol Beach Club. According to the stuff we read online, this was the best place to stay in Bohol. Our “guide”, however, said she won’t recommend it coz it’s too exclusive. Besides, if the beach is what you came for, you can find a place right in front of the beach and have places to go at night too. So, following her expert advice, we went from hotel to hotel along Alona Beach looking at their rooms and their rates. I wasn’t willing to pay a lot coz I read online that you can get a place for as low as P800. a night! After a few hours of walking along the shores of Alona Beach and looking at the different hotels, we finally decided on Lost Horizon.

After hotel hunting, we were now ready to do phase 1 of our trip: Countryside tour. Here are the places we saw:
Blood Compact site.

Loboc River (with Buffet lunch). – This is where Cesar Montano shot Panaghoy sa Suba. The waters, I was told are normally clear, but it had been raining the last few days, so it was brown and murky.

Tarsiers (the tiniest of the monkeys). – They probably are so used to cameras, they don’t really move or do anything even if the camera almost touches their noses! Too bad you can’t touch them anymore. You can only look! Richard said he can fit one in his camcorder case and no one will notice. Hehehe. Pasalubong daw kay Luis.

Ang evil tarsier (look at his eyes!)

The Nice Guy Tarsier
The monkeys and the tarsiers. Hehehe.

Chocolate Hills – They aren’t very chocolatey yet as there had been a lot of rain lately. They’re still very green. Climbing up was worth it. It was breathtaking!

Baclayon Church (although we didn’t get to go down and take pics because it was closed by the time we got there)

Hinagdanan River – I couldn’t see the point, why again is this a tourist spot? You could just see stalactites and a body of water. It was too dark and damp and way too creepy for me.

If there are other places to see, we didn’t get to see them anymore. Hehehe. We ran out of time and energy. But what we did see are enough to fill our cameras and our curiosity about Bohol’s “Country Side”.

After our tour, we went to Island City Mall to buy last minute stuff we need – like water, Peanut Kisses (get the pasalubong out of the way), and additional board shorts for Richard.

We had dinner at “The Buzzz Café”. According to Espie, this is a branch of Bohol Bee Farm’s restaurant. But that the Bee Farm had an entire store where you can buy different spreads, different breads (Camote Bread, anyone?) and eat at a restaurant overlooking the ocean. I fell totally in love with the Buzzz Café and got truly excited when Espie said she’d take us to Bohol Bee Farm in the morning to have breakfast there.

Woke up early to catch the sunrise. Never happened. Couldn’t find the sun. It was dark when we left our hotel room, we sat around at the beach, next thing we new, it wasn’t dark anymore! But the sun didn’t rise in front of us. Drat.

Well, good thing about this though, we got to speak with Eking. He offered his bangka for P1500. to do the following: Dolphin watching, island hopping (he promised 2 islands, Balicasag – where we can snorkel – and Virgin island). He said if there are 2 of us, he’d throw in the masks for free, but if we bring our 2 companions (Espie and Tess), then, we’d need to rent our masks.

We told him we couldn’t go on that day, as we had other plans, so maybe we’d go the next day.

We lounged about at the beach and prepared for our breakfast at Bohol Bee Farm. Because I was already hungry, I ordered halo-halo while Richard ordered coffee.

By the time Espie arrived, it was already time for brunch. Hehehe. So off we went to Bohol Bee Farm. It was really beautiful! It kind of reminded me of Sonya’s Garden. But they were different of course. Sonya’s Garden had a more shabby chic feel to it, Bohol Bee Farm had a more country-theme to it. I love their store! I wanted to buy everything. Then again, what will we do with all that pesto spread?! Hehehe.

Harana daw sabi ni Richard:

Camote Bread, anyone?
We had brunch at the resto near overlooking the beach and to my sheer happiness, they serve BEE FARM BUFFET! Of course, that’s what we had. It was “managed buffet”, as not everyone wanted that, so it was done only for our table. The buffet gave us a chance to sample their most popular dishes. Haaaaay, sarap.

In preparation for our anniversary (which was the next day), Richard recounted our love story to our two audience. Pang-pelikula nga daw. Hehehe. Ang Richard, shempre, ever so proud of our story. After that, Espie said, right before she picked us up, she was thinking if she would ever get married. And after hearing our story, that made her think that “nangyayari pa pala ang mga ganon”. Later on Richard said, maybe God wanted him to share our story so that others will still have hope in real love. Awww, ang shwet ng asawa ko, diba?!

Bohol Bee Farm also had a little nook below the resto where you can lounge about and enjoy the view. Richard and I so love it there! That’s actually where we stayed most of the time. We decided to find out if they had rooms available the next night, and if they did, that we would definitely spend our last night in Bohol there. And yes they did!

Steps to get to our nook:

Ah, heaven, is that you?!

More steps to bring you to the waters:

After this, we had to say goodbye to our 2 wonderful guides, as they need to prepare to go back to work the next day. How sweet our hostesses talaga, they said we had their driver at our disposal (wowowee!). But all we really needed (and wanted) to do was to buy our ferry tickets to Cebu the next day and head back to the beach. And so we did, after getting our Weesam ferry tickets, we asked to be dropped off at the hotel.

Once there, we changed into our bathing suits and headed right out to the beach! It was about 4pm so the sun’s not harmful anymore. We didn’t bring our cameras as Richard said he didn’t want to worry about losing them while we were playing in the water.

So we went. We walked a long way to find our perfect spot. There were a lot of people also swimming and “sun”bathing. Haaaaay, ang sarap. Most of the people there are foreigners, very few Filipinos – 2, Richard and myself. Hehehe. Actually, maybe there were 4 of us, or 6. I lost count. But bottomline, konti lang ang Pinoy. Next week pa siguro since holy week na. Hehehe.

We ended the day with dinner by the beach. Shempre, super spicy sisig (yummy!), grilled squid and grilled giant shrimps.


We woke up really early again to go dolphin watching. There were significantly fewer people on the beach – kasi weekday na. So we left Alona at about 530.

While waiting for Eking to set up his bangka:

Onboard our majestic, "Gladys"

The Captain, Eking

We got to where the dolphins were at about 7am. Funny thing was, I thought we would stop somewhere and wait for the dolphins to come out and play. DUH! Apparently, it doesn’t work that way. The bangka was still moving while the captain, Eking and his Chief Mate (I didn’t catch his name) would point out where they were. So Richard and I had our cameras and video cams ready to try to catch them when the 2 men would point. Hehehe. I most ly got pics of the water. Ngahahaha. Although, I did get to catch some of them! Richard was able to record some of them.

May dolphin ba o water lang? Look closely!

After getting tired of the dolphin watching excitement, we decided to continue on to Balicasag island. Richard was a little hesitant to allow me to snorkel at the Fish Sanctuary (baka daw delikado for me coz I’m pregnant). As if naman I would willingly sit around and do nothing when the action was right under water!!! Besides, I’m sure nervous lang siya for us both coz it’s a new thing. So I had the guide say out loud that it’s safe for pregnant women. So ayun! We went! Hehehe.

Richard and Lolo Guide:

Our guide (lolo na ito) didn’t speak a word of Tagalog, so I just got bits and pieces of what he was saying, but communication was clear when it was time to pass the pieces of bread for the fish. It was obvious that he too, was enjoying himself, he was also looking under the water! Hehehe! Buti na lang his assistant (maybe son?) also helped out by keeping an eye out on us and would lead us away from where the sea urchins were (drat, I wanted to go nearer and check out their spines – yun pala yung dangerous. Hehehe).

Too bad our cameras weren’t waterproof. We didn’t get to take any pictures underwater. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful is such a gasgas na word, but I couldn’t think of a more suitable word. Maybe SPECTACULAR? MIND BLOWING? SO OUT OF THIS WORLD? All of that are true! Honestly, all the underwater video clips they show on National Geographic do not give justice to how gorgeous it really is underwater. The colors of the fishes are so vibrant and they are definitely not ordinary. If you have a piece of bread in your hand, they’d ALL go and eat! Ang ganda talaga. After all the awful things that have happened in my life recently (the emotional and psychotic mess left from my dad’s death), snorkeling really made me say, “God, you indeed are majestic.” No exaggeration. It restored my faith in his grand ways.

Haaaaay, drama aside, I couldn’t help but try to keep my head under water for as long as I could coz I wanted to remember all the vivid shapes and colors! I knew we don’t have pics of them. Grabe. Remember “Under the Sea” from Little Mermaid?! So true.

Anyway, after this, we had lunch of grilled maya-maya, sinigang na maya-maya, and scrambled eggs. Haaaaay, a hearty way to end a hearty activity. Ang galing!

Negotiating for lunch:

After which, we went to Virgin Island. There were a few tourists there, also brought there by their captains and bangkas. It was great. The island itself is small, but right “attached” to it was a long stretch of sand that you can walk on. They said if the water is low, the sand is out, but if water is high, you can still walk on the sand, but it’s underwater. When we got there, sand was underwater. Ang galing talaga. Pristine blue (and green) waters. We walked on the sand and got far, but water was only up to our knees.

Welcome to Virgin Island:

halata bang we're having fun?!

After exhausting our cameras (and our feet) and seeing that our bangka was the only one left, we decided it was time to head back to Alona Beach – since we were checking out and moving to our new home for the night, Bohol Bee Farm. However, coming from Virgin Island, our bangka decided to die. The motor wouldn’t start. I wasn’t worried coz I knew that our captain and his Chief Mate knew the waters like the back of their hand and that they would think of something. Well, they didn’t need to think so much right away coz another bangka (a bigger one) came and rescued us. We moved to this other bangka that would take us to Panglao Island (the other side – where we would need to take a tricycle ride to get to Alona). It was A-OK. Additional adventure daw, sabi ni Richard. Medyo scary lang having to transfer from our bangka to the new one. One wrong step and you’d be swimming in the deep sea.

After the successful transfer to the bigger bangka:

Arriving at Panglao Island:

After settling everything there is to settle at Lost Horizon, we were brought to our new home for the night, Bohol Bee Farm. Our room was great!

One side of the room
The other side of the room:
We slept the entire afternoon and then headed out for dinner at around 6pm. We went straight to the restaurant overlooking the ocean. Not a lot of diners there, just one couple. Richard kept walking straight to our little nook below. I told him, “Sarado na yata. Ang dilim na o.” he said, there must be a light somewhere. I was a little hesitant coz I thought, maybe at this hour, they don’t allow visitors anymore.

Then one of the waitresses went down the steps carrying a plate of their famous salad, put it down on a table for two and said, “Kayo po ba ang magdidinner dito?” I immediately replied, “Ay, hindi. Hindi kami pa nagsabi. Bakit, may nagreserve ba dito?” And she said, “Meron po, in-house guests namin.” I got offended thinking we won’t be able to hang out in our favorite spot coz some guests reserved the area. Had I known, I would have reserved it myself! And to think we would be leaving the next morning, how will we get to enjoy our nook?! And so I curtly told her, “In-house guests din naman kami ah.” And turned around to walk out. Hmph. Richard though, stole the drama, by announcing, “Bunny, ako yung nagpa-reserve! Happy anniversary!” Hehehehe. I was so shocked and surprised, not to mention, embarrassed by my outburst. Sabi na lang ni Richard sa waitress, “Ang sungit ng asawa ko noh?” Hehehe. To which, the bright young lady replied, “Nabigla lang po si Ma’am.” Good answer, good answer.

So we got our nook all to ourselves! And have buffet by the waters too! Life is still good!

The surprisee:
The surpriser:
Buhay tamad: After eating, higa higa lang:

Happy anniversary to us!


I slept well only til about 3am, after that it was on and off. Something fell that shook the whole of our room’s floor (Richard said it was to remote control to shush me). I felt a hand tousling my hair. When we woke up the next day, Richard said it wasn’t him. And that he “felt” something last night. Ngiiii. Oh well, medyo I thought the same when I heard the “remote control” fall. Masyado naman yata mabigat ang remote to make that kind of impact.

Anyway, great way to start Richard’s birthday! Hehehe. We went down to the resto to have breakfast – yummy too! I haven’t eaten anything from Bohol Bee Farm which was not good, I swear! Then went to shop for pasalubong at their store. We still had about 30 minutes left before being brought to the pier for our Cebu-bound ferry ride so we hung out at our favorite nook. Haaaay, God is still good.

Breakfast at The Buzzz:

At our favorite nook:

Views from the Nook:

When we got to the Pier, Richard and I were reliving our Bohol vacation and kept saying with mock tears in our eyes, “Bye bye Bohol. We’ll see you again soon.” Bohol was super great!

Once again, we had no reservations whatsoever in Cebu. So we didn’t really know what we would do there except buy dried mangoes and dried fish. Once onboard the ferry, I texted my old colleague and friend, Joy, who was a certified Cebuana. She toured me around the first time I went to Cebu. I asked her where we could stay and what we should visit and she replied in just a few minutes! Galing talaga, my friends! All helping out as quickly as they can!

These are the things she said we ought to do:

*Stay at Mango Park Hotel (reasonable rate considering we won’t stay long there anyway, plus we’ll be leaving early the next day – we didn’t want to stay in a grand hotel).

*Eat at CnT Lechon at Guadalupe, and then buy dried mangoes at R & M Factory Outlet (cheaper than getting them at the malls).

*Buy dried fish at Taboan or Carbon Market.

*Visit Sto. Nino Church

*Visit Magellan’s Cross

*Visit Fort San Pedro

*Visit Malacanang (this we didn’t get to do, Richard said he was too tired. waaaah!).

Cebu was ok, but it’s like Manila na rin eh. Kaya hindi masyado exciting. We enjoyed our few hours-stay there, though. Kahit papano.

We ended the day with dinner at Golden Cowrie with eat-all-you-can rice. Hehehe.


We left the hotel really early (6am) so we could be at the airport on time. We passed by Jollibee (hehehe, how very authentic Cebuano) to take out food for breakfast. While at the airport, we were coordinating with Imelda (Luis’ yaya) in Manila. They wanted to join Chris, the driver, to pick us up! Shempre, yes yes yes! We soooo missed our Luis! And he sooo missed his daddy (waaaah, when we were away, puro daddy ng daddy lang daw.)

Excited to see our Luis!!!

View from my window:

back in Manila! Waiting for our sundo: Luis!

Ahhh, nakakamiss ang anak namin! Mwaaaaah! Maka-daddy nga lang. hehehe.