Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ten Things That Made You Happy

Posted in Multiply on Apr 2, '08

Thanks for the tag, Gianina! Another way to count and name one's blessings!

These made me happy recently:

1. Something funny happened last night (April2) when Richard and I were about to go to bed. Ngahahaha! And we were laughing about it last night and again this morning.

2. Luis follows me around the house (wherever I go) when I get home from work. ;D

3. I woke up the other day and saw that Richard and Luis had exactly the same sleeping position! It's like seeing Richard and his mini-me in action! Hahaha!

4. Got to visit Costa Allegra (see my blog) last Monday (Mar31).

5. Getting tidbits on what to do, what to see, where to eat in Boracay (here's the 2nd trip we're planning) from James and Maianne.

6. Lyn telling me that I am glowing (during her despedida pizza dinner) when all else say I'm not my usual beautiful self coz of my pregnancy. I love you, Lyn!

7. There's a steady supply of green mango and bagoong (lately I always want something sour to go with my food).

8. I made fruit salad (yes, I've been craving this as well. What's up with that, baby?!)

9. A long weekend is coming up (I so need it!!!).

10. Hotel food.

Do the same guys, list whatever 10 things made you happy recently.

I'm tagging Claire, Ryan Castro, Maianne, Jemmy, Miami, Gigi, Rach L., Macho, Liz, Kookie

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