Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vacation Mode Again!!!

Posted in Multiply Mar 18 08

It's Holy Wednesday, tomorrow's the start of a long weekend. We're going out of town again! Whoopee! Most probably Batangas lang, since we didn't do any planning. We just need to get some fresh provincial air. Richard's thinking of bringing everyone (including parents and brothers, and nieces -- the whole caboodle) to the Farm at San Benito again for a day tour (kaso naman sobrang mahal ) or Hidden Valley daw (he's been telling me it's super nice there -- but it's even more expensive than visiting The Farm). Anyway, I don't really care, as long as I'm with them. Kahit sa bahay lang ok na.

We're also bringing my mom along. She, of course, wouldn't want to stay at home when we're leaving for Batangas and my sis and her family's leaving for Pampanga. I think it's but right that she goes out and tries to enjoy herself.

Haaaay, summer's here! I can feel the heat! Literally! Haaay, to be pregnant and experience summer. Pwede bang magbitbit ng aircon sa bag?!

Life's still good.

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