Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Impress Me, Bora.

Posted in Multiply on Apr 10, '08

I am soooooo excited. As in. Tomorrow, we're going on a "business trip" to Boracay. :D We'll be staying at one of the new resorts there and we're building a tie-up with them for our passengers. So after the presentation and all that work-related stuff, it's time to HAVE FUN!!!

I've never been to Boracay. It's my first time. I'm a Boracay virgin. Hehehe. Yeah, yeah. Dork na kung dork.

Excited na ko coz Richard, Luis and Imelda are gonna be with me! :D It's everyone's first time! We can't wait!!!

Dami ko sana gusto gawin: banana boat ride, para sailing, snorkelling, island hopping and all the "Boracay-related" activities my friends have been telling me about. Kaya lang shempre, hindi naman ako pwede ng mga strenuous activities coz of the baby. Hmph. If I know, the baby would really enjoy the high flying. KJ lang talaga tong si Richard. Hehehe. So sabi ko kay Richard, sila na lang ni Luis at picture-an ko na lang sila. Hehehe! Weeeee!

Can't wait to try the Chorizo Burger, the ribs at Station 1 that James told me about, wanna try the food at Aria, at kung anu-ano pa!!!

So anyway, sana mag-enjoy naman kami. Bohol kasi set such high standards kasi.

Wait, wait, bibili pa pala kami ng baon! Weeee!

Kung may suggestions kayo sa things to do (na pwede sa mga preggy ha!) and good eats, lemme know!!!! I can still view them all tom am kasi afternoon pa naman kami aalis eh!