Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Alejandro Luis Consing Motas

Posted in Multiply on Apr 9, '08

My Luis is already a year and a half.

Can you believe it?! A year and a half had passed since he started rocking our world! He has grown to be such an adorable (sometimes tantum-throwing) little boy.

A few of the things he does now that keeps me smiling:

1. Calls me "A-ee" (coz he couldn't say mommy). But he calls Richard Daddy (UNFAIR!!!).

2. He can say "Ma" when he means "mwah", but if you coax him into saying "Mama", he answers dutifully with "Papa". Never fails.

3. If you say, "One...two..." He would gleefully answer, "Tee!!!" because he knows the next is three. And he would be tickled after.

4. If you say, "Alejandro" he'd add "Wis" (for Luis) then if you say "Consing" he'd end it with "Tatas" (Motas). He just officially murdered his last name.

5. He is generally a sweet and nice boy. His yaya tells us so. But when I get home from work, he starts acting up. Kasi he wants to ALWAYS be with me. So even if I need to go to the restroom, he "cries" that he can't join me. Hehehe.

6. If he's the first to wake up, he looks at me and Richard to see if we're also awake. If he sees that we're still sleeping, he tries to go back to sleep. Sometimes though, when he's so ready to play, he sits on Richard or pokes my face to stir us. :D

7. He practically cries when he sees the face of his pediatrician -- even if they haven't seen each other for weeks (or months?). He KNOWS.

8. It used to be so difficult to make him drink medicine. But due to some mysterious thing his yaya did, now if you say medicine. He lies still, opens his mouth and waits for the dropper. GALING!!!

9. His skin color is between mine and Richard. He's not as dark as his daddy (although I have to say, he shares the same skin color as Richard's "hidden parts". Hehehehe!) but not as fair as me. He's in between. My uncle from Canada said, "olive" daw.

Lately though, he's darker than usual coz of the swimming that he did. His color has not gone back to normal. Waaaah. And it looks like it's not going back. Pano yan, magbi-beach pa naman si Luis this weekend. Hehehe. Hinahabol yata talaga color ni Richard.

10. Before he sleeps, he would pull my face towards Richard and Richard's face towards mine because he wants us to kiss. When we do as he wants, he smiles. One time, we extended our kiss and did not let go right away. Siguro feeling niya something's wrong, kasi ang tagal na, he started pulling us apart naman. Hehehe.

Wala lang, gusto ko lang isulat some of the things that Luis does that makes us happy. He is such a blessing. :D