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Ship Familiarization at Costa Allegra March 31, 2008

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Monday morning, I, together with a group of educators, gathered for a vessel tour of Costa Allegra. This was a field trip organized by a very well-connected colleague, Dolly. Costa Allegra was docked in Manila yesterday. This vessel tour was by invitation only (naks!) and we had to make sure we give all the required information before they let us set foot inside the ship.

Funny, after weeks of planning, we (myself, my boss and her bodyguard) almost didn't go on with the scheduled tour. Kasi naman tong boss ko, she refuses to go anywhere without her bodyguard. But they were not able to provide the details required by Costa weeks before when they were being collected. Last minute, we were trying to get them to make an exception and to let Jack, the bodyguard, join in. When they initially refused and said they won't allow the bodyguard to join the tour, my boss gave her visitor's pass back and claimed her ID. She said if Jack isn't going, she's not going either. Of course, my loyalty was with my boss (though my heart was bleeding as I was so looking forward to this field trip), so I handed my visitor's pass as well and got my company ID back.

Dolly, in a panic, said she's gonna see what she can do and asked us to wait in the bus that will take us to Manila Hotel (should they say they really won't allow Jack), where we can be picked up by the driver. She reasoned with them that we (my boss and myself daw) are the reasons she organized the tour and sabit lang lahat ng educators. Naks naman! Although we all know it's not true, it's really for the educators, kami talaga yung sabit. So the vessel people went inside and BROUGHT THE CAPTAIN OUT. Captain was a nice guy and said he doesn't have a problem with the guy, just with the gun (no firearms allowed onboard). The gun and the bullets and all the bodyguard-related paraphernalia were left with the Philippine Coast Guard.

So we were able to get in! YIPEE!

Ayan, si Jack, who almost didn't get to tour the vessel. Salamat na lang sa powers ni Dolly!

Haaaay, saya naman ng tour. Ganda ng vessel. Although they said it was the oldest and smallest vessel they have at Costa Cruises, to me, comparing it to NN vessels, it still looked great! I was taking pictures everywhere.Our tour guide wasn't surprised naman that we were taking pics of eevrything. One educator was even filming everything! And I was trying to hide my giddy feeling, kasi parang exaggerated naman kung super lumabas ang excitement ko diba?!
Our lovely tour guide, Annie.

The giddy tourist

Bakit nga ba ako excited?! Sige na nga, I'll spill the beans na! Kasi, one of the trips Richard and I are planning to make this summer is this cruise onboard Costa Allegra!!! Yes, yes, we are going on a cruise! Pero short lang siya, 5 days 4 nights, from Hong Kong to Sanya China to Cailan Vietnam lang. Pero at least, diba?! Our very frist trip out of the country (except my US in 2003) and we get to visit 3 places agad! Kasama pa si Luis! Hehehe.
So anyway, while touring the vessel, I could already imagine the things that Richard and I will do there, where we'll hang out, where Luis can play, etc. After the tour and presentation, they served us a 4-course lunch. Sarap naman! Even the mineral water came from Tuscany! :D
I can just imagine, super tataba nanaman ako sa cruise na to. Kasi buffet everything! Six meals a day! I don't think I will sleep once the cruise in underway!

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! Now, I only just need to wait for our passports to be renewed...
Hay, I really am blessed to be around people who open up avenues and opportunities for me!

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