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Brian Gorrell and Team Brian vs. Gucci Gang

Posted in Multiply Apr 3, '08

I had resisted and resisted and tried so very hard...but I can't! Haaaay, ayan, I'm writing na about the Gucci Gang. I didn't want to join the bandwagon sana, but hey, I realized I was on the bandwagon and enjoying the ride. So might as well write about the already infamous Gucci Gang -- well, about Brian Gorrell actually.
Have you guys heard of Brian Gorrell's blog? if you haven't, you are one of the very few who have not. Google it, you'll find it in an instant. Or better yet, let me just post the link here:

I've been following this blog for some time now, ever since I heard about it. It's about an underdog biting at the heels of its oppressors. It mostly has negative energy but I am so in love with it!

This guy, Brian is an epitome of a (wo)man scorned. He is an angry, angsty, hurting, heartbroken, devastated (wo)man. I say (wo)man coz he's a man with a woman's heart. In short, he's gay. So gay that he sounds like a woman. His writing shows just how hurt and angry he is for being duped. And for losing $70,000. to his dweeb of an ex-lover.

I love his blog because he attacks the FAKENESS of his ex-lover and his cohorts who happen to be the "high" society of Manila. Literally high pala -- high on drugs. These are the people who made us believe that they are living the good life. They seem to live, eat, drink, and breathe fashion. Mga fashionista daw sila. I believe a lot of people also follow the blog because they enjoy the fact that Brian exposes the truth behind the lies they call their lives.

There's nothing really wrong with trying to be fashionistas, as there's nothing wrong with wanting to look good. But sometimes, those who hide behind "fashion" as a passion are those who are hiding.Period. They are hiding who they really are, what they really feel, and what the truth is. In short, they are fake. Or as Brian said in his blog, "faux".

Yun naman ang ayoko kasi. Pinagyayabang pa ang mga branded na bags, collection ng shoes, at make up na parang that's what's life is all about. Kunwari happy and fulfilled coz of shopping, pero empty naman pala. In short, "FAUX". Hello, wake up and smell the coffee, there's more to life than that! There are bigger issues than your pinakamimithing Manolo Blahniks. Mas maganda magpakatotoo ka na lang, diba?!

Anyway, those are some side kwento from his blog, dami pa. Like Embassy (aka "the hottest place in town") apparently is where cocaine gets sold and snorted happily by the high society. Ayan, diba yun yung current place to be?! Naku, naku, naku, sorry ah. Inis lang kasi ako coz I've encountered some people na nakatungtong lang ng Embassy kala mo part na ng "high society". Feeling sosyal na. Social nga, social climber. Hehehe.

Ano ba yan, makamasang makamasa ang dating ko. Hehehe.Makibaka! Wag matakot!
A basta, ang point ng entry ko is this: Fight fight lang, Brian. Kasi at least ikaw nagpapakatotoo. (Yes, feeling close, at para namang naiintindihan niya ang tagalog. Hehehe!)

Yun lang po, bow.

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