Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To Collect or Not to Collect, That Is The Question

Posted in Multiply on Apr 2, '08

One time, an acquaintance and I were talking about our lovelives. Currently, I am happy with mine and she isn't with hers. She had relationships in the past but they didn't work out. So she's alone now, preparing and prettying herself up in hopes of snagging the right man soon.

While talking, she said to me, "Alam mo, sayang, sayang, sayang, dapat may collection ako ng pictures ng mga ex ko noh." This totally appalled me. How could anyone say that?! She said kasi so that she could reminisce about time spent with them and she can show me (or whoever friends) their pictures when she talks about them. (Hell, maybe even post them in her Multiply or friendster account?!).

Maybe it's the manang in me, but I really think it's inappropriate to have a "collection" of pictures of your ex's. Diba? Ano yun, parang mga trophies? Let alone, think about displaying them to the world! Why would you even want to have them, diba?! If it's all over, then it's over. Besides, I couldn't imagine keeping a collection of my own coz I know it'll hurt Richard if he ever saw them. I know I'd kill Richard if he had his own collection!

Ewan ko, maybe this girl said that coz nga she's alone right now and doesn't have to think of a partner who might potentially get hurt with her collection. And she probably doesn't have a collection coz right after breaking up with one, the next one came and shempre, she had to think of that 2nd guy's feelings, kaya she destroyed all pictures.

Sabi ko tuloy sa kanya, pasalamat siya at wala nga siyang collection. Kasi if she has, and she posts them anywhere, my goodness, baka pagtawanan lang siya ng mga ex's coz it'll be too obvious that she still cares about their past together at naka-display pa sila sa current life niya!

What do you think, appropriate ba ang mag-keep ng collection?! I wanna know if you are as manang as me.

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