Monday, July 13, 2009

9 Hours and 1 Minute To Go!

Posted in Mutiply Nov 28 07

Itching, itching, itching to go home.

Tomorrow's a holiday and Richard took a day off today to make his long weekend even longer. He actually got the idea from me coz I was planning to go on leave today too. Magde-date sana kami and start our Christmas shopping. Alas! Work foiled my plans. They scheduled a budget presentation to the Board of Directors (on the last hour of the day pa ha, 4pm!) and I cannot NOT be here, or else my boss'll kill me. Kung hindi lang good friend ang boss ko, I would have called in sick, anyway kaya naman niya i-explain yung part ko in the presentation. Hehehe. But she is a very dear friend and I am such a professional, so here I am, updating my blog na lang.

Haaaay, so ayun, Richard and Luis will play the whole day, possibly visit my inlaws, and just relax. He said they'll wait for me to get home so we can all go to the family dinner together. Haaaaay, it's not even 8am yet and I'm already counting the hours until I can log out and go home!

Dibale, time flies when you're having fun, so bring out the Yahoo Games! Hehehe.

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