Monday, July 13, 2009

Pikon, Pikon, si M-- Pikon!


Hahaha, I am sooooo tempted to put her name right here. But her name doesn't deserve to be on my friendster/Multiply account! She's super pissed that I heard about her blog entry and that I put in a comment. My first comment was really sweet coz I knew her heart is broken coz of how depressing her life turned out to be. I didn't want to add to that. But she answered back in such a mean and negative way, that my claws and my fangs just came out. Oh well, I guess I can't expect her to be nice to me, I'm sure she's so jealous that Richard's my husband and not hers (kawawa naman siya). She's also so pikon, imagine, deleting all our comment exchange and leaving just hers?! I understand though, coz lumalabas ang pagka-kawawa niya. Hahaha! Well, silly girl, I'm sure you're reading this, if you can't take in other people's views, best to write on a piece of paper and keep it locked away instead of broadcasting to the world via your multiply account how lonely and sad you are!

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