Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008

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Top of mind major things that happened in 2007:

1. My sister's wedding in January

2. Richard's surgery in February (pareho na kaming na-CS!)

3. Our 1st wedding anniversary in March

4. My moving from Training to BD at TDS in April

5. My super fun Tagaytay family weekend birthday in May

6. My D&C in June (bye bye, Changchang )

7. Post-D&C leave and bonding moments with Luis in July

8. Windang and lost moments in August

9. Becoming closer to my TDS Masters and friends in September (kung kelan maggoo-goodbye na)

10.Luis' first birthday in October! Sky's birth in October

11. Family getaways and out of town trips in November

12. Family, friends, fun in December

So many many many blessings in 2007, I can't remember all (blame it all on the anesthesia they injected on me last year and this year). But throughout the blur of 2007, I just know that LOVE was constant.

These are my goals for 2008:

1. Save, save, save. I used to be very good at this but not anymore! I want to go back to saving. Shempre, hindi naman pwedeng good looks or winning personality ang ibayad sa future investments, diba?!

2. Be healthier. Start moving and exercising again. parang masyado na akong nasanay sa sedentary lifestyle. Tipong hop in the car to go to work (sleep while getting to work), sit in front of the PC the whole day, then hop back in the car to go home (again, sleep on the way home). The only exercise I get is when I follow Luis around! Hehehe.

3. Be a good girl. Some malditas have forced me to be one myself this year. I'm really a nice person, really! Kaya lang my fangs and claws come out when needed. This year, I plan to keep my fangs and claws in check. Wish me luck! Hehehe.

4. Love, love, love. I want another baby. Hahaha! Maybe next year. But this year, I will focus on loving my Luis and my Richard.

5. Always be thankful. I want to be consistent in being appreciative of ALL (big and small) blessings that I get. God is always good to me and I want to make sure to thank Him for every little thing.

Happy New Year!

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