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Last Entry on Ex from Hell

Posted in Multiply Nov 23 07

This is it. I will end it. It was fun laughing at her but last na entry na ito on Yaya Bonnel. This was suggested by a good friend. Let me share with you a conversation between me and this old-souled Octopus:

OCTO: huy are you in the mood for some unsolicited advice?
Rachelle: hmmmm, sige na nga
Rachelle: go
Rachelle: i think i know what this is about
Rachelle: but go ahead
OCTO: tigilan mo na pag bablog mo about the ex from hell
Rachelle: see i knew it
Rachelle: e gumaganti lang naman ako
Rachelle: siya kasi eh
Rachelle: i just don't want her to have the last say
OCTO: Well, ganito na lang: the fish is always caught by the mouth. Sasabit din siya sa kadaldalan nya.
OCTO: And eto pa, to extend my cliche quoting spree: the best way to treat an adversary is to ignore her.
Rachelle: yeah, you're rightRachelle: it's just that i can't help it
Rachelle: she's such a bitch kasiRachelle: a feeling magaling and feeling magandang bitch
Rachelle: so i just want to crack her confidence once in a while
OCTO: Well, pabayaan mo na lang. Tutal, nasayo naman ang trophy.
OCTO: Also, the fact that she's still bitching about her past means that her confidence is already cracked beyond repair. No fun in destroying debris, ennit?
Rachelle: o sige na nga, i will do my best
Rachelle: i can't promise that i won't in the future though
OCTO: There's no fun in breaking a spirit that's broken to begin with. That's why I enjoyed all the offensives I made against Sausage - breaking her pride was the prize. (*Note: Sausage is a common acquaintance who is also mayabang and feeling magaling na wala naman talagang laman -- in short AMPAW)
Rachelle: that's what i'm aiming to do nga eh
Rachelle: to break her pride
Rachelle: she pretends she's still whole and her pretending kills me!
Rachelle: i wanna see her die!!! but as if naman she'll expose that to the world, diba? hahaha.
OCTO: Haay nako. She's winning - that's exactly what she wants you to feel. She wants to mean something, she wants to matter. And you're giving her just that.
OCTO: Eto na lang: do you seriously think that her blogging will affect your reputation, especially when you know that she's whining primarily to her worthless and wimpy pals? Inconsequential, if I may say so.
Rachelle: i like the way you phrased it, thanks
Rachelle: you're right
OCTO: We know that she's an unsophisticated piece of shit. Why stain yourself by trying to kick it around?
OCTO: So yun lang naman.
Rachelle: ok, i get the point
Rachelle: o basta, i will do my best.
OCTO: heehee
OCTO: octo, you really are intelligent beyond your years
Rachelle: you sound older than me
Rachelle: hehehe
Rachelle: oo na, isip bata na ako
OCTO: Haay. That probably confirms what a palm-reader once said to me: old soul daw ako. E sabi ko sa isip ko, "tangina, why do i feel like i was an octopus in my past life?"
Rachelle: that's the term, old soul
Rachelle: maybe an old octopus kaya old soul of the octopus
OCTO: hehehe sabagay octopus pa din
Rachelle: one last thing, can i quote all that you said in this conversation as a last blog to signal that i won't ever write about her again?
OCTO: O sige go.
OCTO: Let this be the punctuation to the blog series
Rachelle: hihihi
OCTO: I censor mo na lang yung Sausage bits
Rachelle: hahaha
OCTO: hehehehe
Rachelle: korek
OCTO: manipulative editing
OCTO: pero oks lang
Rachelle: hihihi, heeeey, it's my blog!
Rachelle: I heard siya nga kung anu ano iniinvent niya sa blog niya about me noh
Rachelle: hehehe
OCTO: heheheh
Rachelle: hey but seriously, thanks ha
Rachelle: i know naman deep in my heart i should stop writing about her
Rachelle: i just can't stop
OCTO: No prob.
Rachelle: kaya tama lang na from a respected friend nanggaling
OCTO: Sows drama mo
OCTO: Pero oks lang yun.

So my dear Yaya Bonnel, I know you've been secretly enjoying the attention my blog entries have given you. Sorry, it will end na, I don't want you to continue feeling important. Don't forget: Ang shit ay shit kahit pinaguusapan, pero minsan ang shit dahil sa attention akala hindi narerecognize ng iba ang pagka-shit niya. Please lang, we know you're really shit and not matter what you do, you are essentially still the same --shit. Hahaha. Pwedeng tongue twister yun ah. Try mo sa participants mo with short i and long e defect. Hahaha.

Bumili ka na lang ng papansin sa sordid and sad life mo.

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