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Top Five Things I Should Thank Ex from Hell For

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There will always be something good that comes out of bad things. This "Ex from Hell" fiasco brought about a lot of realizations and good things in my life that wouldn't have come out had she not been such a b*tch. Here are some of the things I must remind myself to thank her for:

1. "Tondo" style fighting. I do my best to always defend myself with grace and composure, but Ex from Hell (EFH) started mudslinging and name calling. She was such an expert in this kind of thing, that it made me think that she used to sell fish in the market. Palengkera style kasi siya eh. Hahaha!No offense to the market people, I swear, mas may breeding pa kayo kesa dito. But again, I have to thank her. If not for her, I wouldn't have ever experienced kanto fighting. Of course, I need more practice to reach her black belt status in this field.

2. Knowing the real masters. I am a lowly servant. I bow to the supreme knowledge of the REAL masters. These people have revealed to and shared their "gift" with me when the fighting got tough that required the tough to keep fighting. Kumbaga sa Kill Bill, these are the people who trained Uma on how to KILL BILL. You know who you are, ladies! :*

3. Uniting with Happy Wives Passionate About Extinguishing the "Salots" in Marriage. Special mention shempre si Cyd (*Hi, Cyd!). Among those who agreed and empathized, this girl is the one who showed me how honorable it is to fight against the monsters to defend the happy married life. Sabi nga niya sa testimonial niya for me as a warning to the EFH, "Maghanap ka ng lalaki mo, tigilan mo ang mga may asawa. Nakakadilim ka ng paningin." Well said, Cyd. I totally agree.

4. Identifying wolves in sheepskin. Some people expressed to me that I may have been a little too brutal in my blog entries about EFH. I only feel sorry for them since they couldn't identify wolves in sheepskin. I could. I have identified one. Be warned, not everyone who acts like a prom queen IS a queen. Some are palengkeras pretending to be the sweetest ever. Careful, these are the types who normally scheme behind your back and cut your throat while you are sleeping.

5. Appreciating more the bond between a husband and a wife. I guess I'm still getting used to the idea that when you get married, you're no longer "you and me" but "US". This got reinforced when the word war transpired. Throughout this stupid fiasco, my Richard had always been my staunchest ally. EFH might have thought she was battling with me, when in fact she was battling with US. If only she was still with her hubby, then it would have been "them" versus "us". We had so many laugh trips over this, I wonder who she laughs with about this fiasco.

5. Appreciating what I have. As Richie had expertly put in words(*Hi, Richie!) in her message to me, I do have a terrific marriage and that she believes Richard and I will grow old happy. That I should just celebrate my life and continue to be happy! Don't you worry, dear, I do know what great treasure I have and I am celebrating every single day.

See, despite the many hurtful words thrown at each other and all the lies EFH had to invent, there are still things worth picking out from this stupid fiasco. So thanks, dear! :D

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