Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Healing A Broken Heart

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For my broken-hearted friends, words of wisdom I found in a book, "Life Lessons for My Sisters". Always remember that things will fall into place.

"Love is the food

of your soul

never give up on it

you need it

for your spirit to breathe"

You can get through this. I know it feels painful -- as though your heart's been pulled out of your mouth. But tell yourself, "I can get through this." Repeat it as often as you need to. Say it until you believe it. "I can get through this."

When love ends, we can feel confused and hurt. We can feel as if we'll never love again. We can feel like "the one" just got away. But true love does not get away from you. True love is there when you need it, when you are ready for it. So realize that although you loved someone, you have to let him go so that your true love can enter.

Don't do foolish things when you're in pain. Don't try to make him hurt the way he hurt you. Just let it go. I know it sounds simple. I know your heart is in pain. But if you want to deal with this, you're going to have to think realistically. You're going to have to pay attention to the reasons why the relationship ended. You're going to have to think about the part you played in the breakup. Analyze the relationship. See what lesson you can learn from it.

Even when I felt like my heart was breaking, I stopped and told myself, "I was supposed to learn this. He was supposed to teach me this." No, it didn't make me feel that much better, but it helped me to learn my lesson, and that was the ultimate point.

Everything happens for a reason. If a relationship is ending, let it end. Sometimes, fighting is just delaying the inevitable. Sometimes you will just bring yourself more pain if you don't let go. Know when it's time to take a breath and let go.

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