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Busy Busy Stork

Posted in Multiply Feb 18, '08

Baby Boom in the family this year: my cousin Len is pregnant (third baby), my cousin Sheela in Canada is also pregnant (first baby), my second cousin Deeann is also pregnant (first baby). The stork is busy busy busy! Of course the grannies are super excited! Who wouldn't be, right? Actually, it's not just the granny geese, but all of us - the grampies, the aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, etc. - are. Our clan is growing in leaps and bounds!

Hmmm, I wonder how they would feel if they learn that another mom in the family will be visited by the stork?! Took the test just this morning, and yup, it had 2 lines. 2 SOLID LINES.
I still have mixed feelings about it, I'm a little apprehensive but also happy. Richard is all out happy. We're gonna have another kulit with us sometime October or November!

But of course it's still all unofficial, I haven't gone to my OB yet (as I took the test just this morning), we haven't checked the baby's heart rate (I still remember what happened to Changchang ), and truth be told, this new baby bit hasn't fully sunk in yet. We really planned to have the baby next year pa. God had other plans. So I don't want to jump the gun and announce to the grannies and the families that another baby is joining the 2008 gang. Richard can't wait though and said everyone's gonna be happy. I'm so sure. My mom's been bugging us to produce a girl. HAHAHA. Kung pwede lang icontrol yun noh. Well, sige na nga, I am a little bit excited too.
But the pessimist in me is getting freaked out at the changes that will happen (and the lack of sleep nanaman), I keep thinking I'm robbing my son of the limelight. He'll only be 2 years old (when the baby comes out) and all the attention should still be on him, but he would have to share it with (by then) his baby bro or sis. Haaaay. Richard says Luis will be happy to have a playmate. And that they will grow up to be good friends. Plus of course the added gastos. Looks like we'll have to set aside muna our vacation plans abroad and our official church wedding. There are things we need to set aside first.

Richard says the happiness the new baby will bring will make those sacrifices pale in comparison. Sabi niya, "Hindi nga natin na-imagine na Luis will make us this happy. Lalo na pag dalawa na sila."

So yes, I agree. So Mr. Stork, bring it on! Go ahead, make us happier!

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