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Fat and Ugly, But Oh So Worth It!

Posted in MultiplyMar 24, '08

Lately I've been feeling fat and ugly.

I look at our Bohol pictures and our recent Batangas pictures and I wonder how I even fit in my bathing suit! In the office, my colleagues have been quick to point out that my tummy's getting oh-so-big and that I don't look like my normal gorgeous (ahem, hehehe) self. I can't say they're exaggerating coz some of my pants no longer fit (hwhaaaat?!) and I lost all desire to pretty myself up (as soon as I learned that I was indeed pregnant). Kaya tuloy I feel ugly. And fat.

I keep nagging Richard that I'm already fat and ugly. And he keeps telling me I'm not. He said (and of course I know it's true) that it's normal to get bigger and heavier at this time coz I'm pregnant -- but I keep arguing, it's only 2 months! I wasn't like this when I was pregnant with Luis! I was still gorgeous then -- up until the 7tth month when my nose decided to grow out of proportion.

I've been feeling foul about the way I look up lately until yesterday. I went on half day to go see my OB and finally have my first ultrasound. I was nervous coz I didn't want what happened last year to happen again (poor heartbeat of the baby that's why we lost him/her). I waited and waited for hours. By the time the OB was ready to see me, Richard was already there! See, I waited THAT long.

Turned out the baby's safely nestled in his little balloon down there (thank God!). Doc said everything was fine. There were already little stumps growing -- which the doc said are the beginnings of his arms and legs. We saw the little heart thumping and the doc quickly reassured us that he is doing well and everything is normal.

Haaay, all of a sudden, I don't feel as fat and ugly anymore. Medyo chubby na lang. Hehehe.

Life's still good!

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