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December 22, "Officially Together"

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Weeeeeee! Christmas is just around the corner! Super how time flies! But I'm not writing about Christmas just yet. I am writing about DECEMBER 22.

December 22 is just a few days away! This date, though not yet Christmas, I hold dear. Richard and I became a couple "officially" on this date in 2005. Hehehe. How funny the story. Here it is:
Richard and I had been dating for a couple of months by that time, but I didn't want to say we were "US" because I was still waiting for someone to heal. Kat, a dear friend (Hi, Kat!) texted me a few days before Dec 22 to say that she is sure he saw this someone already "healed" and with someone new. In her text, I remember, she even said, "Ayan, pwede na kayo ni Richard!"

And with the burden of guilt lifted, I got to work right away. Though technically, we were already together, it was still unofficial. So in my record book, we were just "MU" (yuck, how high school!). I wanted our "officially being together" something worth remembering. So on that day, Dec 22, I was in Sahara (a hole in the wall of our office) and started writing on a piece of paper these words: "Yehey, tayo na!"

Kat, being the pakialamera that she is, saw this and immediately demanded that I throw the piece of paper, saying "Rach! Ampanget! Hahahaha!" Well, I had to admit, it was indeed panget. The thing is, I really am NOT creative. As in not a single drop in my blood. So I wailed in despair and said, "Eh ano gagawin ko?!" Kat volunteered Rach Limjokes' technical prowess. Rach, the techie diva that she is, found my piece of paper pathetic (Rach, remember this?! Hihihi). And gave ideas as to what I could do! So we printed a wacky pic of Richard and myself and typed on it my words, "Yehey, tayo na!" and of course added the date. Kat brought me to where she got our IDs laminated and we had the picture card laminated.

By that afternoon, Richard and I were getting our ride home together. We were going to take the shuttle (where we first met- hehehe). And being the cheesy hopelessly romantic that I am, I wanted to make sure that the shuttle would also play a major role in officiating our "togetherness". Being totally uncreative made it difficult for me to think of how to make it special. I originally wanted to lace the area with balloons, but it was too public (not to mention too baduy) and I was sure they would all be gone by the time Richard and i get there. So I went with plan b. It was boring, yes, but safe. I contracted the barker to be my ally. I gave him the tiny envelope (with my laminated picture card) and instructed him to give it to the man I will be showing up with later on. He was totally game.

When Richard and I got there, the man, remembering me and my instructions, handed the envelope to Richard without a word (I forgot to tell him to say something). I was waiting for Richard to take it and look quizzical before opening it. But horror of horrors, he decided to ignore the barker! And not take the envelope! The barker looked at me as if to say, "Huh? What's up with him? Isn't he supposed to accept it?" So I got the envelope and shoved it to Richard saying, "Sa'yo daw yan."

Richard apparently thought it was an envelope for solicitations (you know how the garbage collectors would give envelopes during Christmas asking for aguinaldo). Kaya pala niya dinedma. So when he opened it and saw my, ahem, work of art, he was teary-eyed. Parang shocked pa nga. I had to ask him pa, "Masaya ka ba?" To which he replied, "OO naman, masayang masaya." and hugged me like he intended to break my bones.

Today, the tiny laminated picture card is at home, sticking on our refridgerator door.

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