Monday, July 13, 2009

Blessed. I Love This Life!

Posted in Multiply Dec 17, '07

I just feel so blessed that my son will grow up to be happy and complete. He doesn't have to wonder where his daddy (or mommy) is, he doesn't have to ask why his parents live in two different houses (and he gets shuttled from one house to the next -- weekdays in one house, weekends in the other) , he doesn't have to pick which parent to stay with during the holidays, he doesn't have to ask why the love between his parents died.

Because he will grow up in a home where his Mommy and Daddy are there for him, where Mommy and Daddy truly are in love and happy. He will see how much his parents love him and love each other. He will see that his is a happy home.

I am truly truly blessed. We are truly blessed.

In a conversation I had with Richard, we said:

Rachelle: Bunny, thank you for such a beautiful life! Mwaaaah.

Richard: Thank you too, bunny. Naisip mo ba na magiging ganito tayo kasaya?

Rachelle: Basta noon inasahan ko na magiging masaya tayo.

Rachelle: Pero mas masaya pa nga tayo than sa kung ano ang inasahan ko. thank you.

Rachelle: Ikaw ba, naisip mo na magiging ganito tayo kasaya?

Richard: Oo naman. Diba sabi ko naman sayo, magiging masaya tayo? Dahil we love each other
very very much.

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