Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lacoste Footwear Is On Sale!

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I am such a fan of Lacoste footwear, I try to reward myself with a pair whenever the time is right and the wallet is fat (or like now, when they're on sale!).

There's this pair of casual leather sandals that I had been eyeing since late last year but I had so stopped myself from buying coz it was too expensive then (mga 5k++ per pair). BUT God wants me to have it! And he also said I should get for Richard coz now, it's only 3.5k++ per pair! Rejoice, rejoice!

Let me share with you the description of Lacoste Tahiti that I found online:

"Comfortable fashion never looked so good.

  • Criss cross leather straps with signature croc logo.
  • Leather footbed.
  • Leather mid sole with rubber trim
  • Rubber sole"

I got myself and Richard his and hers leather chinelas (actually, they're for men, but I insisted on getting a pair for myself and the saleslady was of course only too willing to oblige)! I had to call Richard to make sure of his shoe size, told him lang on the phone that I'm getting us slippers. He thought I meant the common Spartan-type rubber chinelas. When I got home, he was pleasantly surprised. He said he loves it!

Aaaaaah, life is good!

P.S. Mango is on sale too! Some of their clothes I find tacky but yesterday must have been my lucky day, I found 2 blouses, a pair of shorts and a dress that were simple yet elegant! How can I not buy?!

Oh no, pano na yung New year's resolution ko to save?! Hehehe.

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