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Cecil's Wedding

Posted in Multiply Dec 12, '07

I love weddings. Especially of people I hold dear. Cecil is one of those people. She and Ivan (Dieter according to the misalette) finally tied the knot. It was originally scheduled last December 8, 2006, but later moved to December 8, 2007 (o diba, one year in the making?!).

Since I was one of the readers during the mass, I stood strategically right there next to the altar, seeing all that's happening during the march. I already said hello to Cecil while she was waiting in the bridal car and already told her that she was such a beautiful and radiant bride. But when I saw her marching down the aisle, I had to bite my lip to stop the tears from falling. I was so touched by the joy that I saw in her and in Ivan and the love in Cecil's parents' eyes when they were handing her over to Ivan. Haaaay, such a priceless moment.

The wedding details were super impressive, especially to self-confessed non-creative people like me. The misalette was so nice, the covers (2 kinds) were so nice. They look like they were professionally made (galing talaga ni Cecil!) and she had fans to give out with decorated handles as well. The fans were a great idea, although they weren't necessary, as the church was peppered with electric fans.

The priest was late (well, techinically, priests are never late since masses don't start without them) but he made up for it by delivering such a personal message/sermon to Cecil and Ivan. And although wedding sermons are almost always directed towards the bride and groom, I always feel the priest is talking to me (and Richard) too! I love wedding sermons, because they always remind me of the commitment that Richard and I made to each other. These messages from the priest always remind me that I am so blessed to have Richard in my life. They never cease to make me appreciate our marriage more. Sayang nga that I was a reader and Richard was sitting in one of the pews, it would have been great to listen to the sermon holding his hand and squeezing at appropriate moments (hehehe!). When I got to his side after the mass, I asked him agad if he listened to the sermon. Hehehe.

Anyway, I read the prayers of the faithful. I did so with enthusiasm and gusto, in a way, this is a present to my friend. So with my Call Center Neutral Accent, I read. When it came to prayers for the bride and groom, instead of addressing the crowd, I specifically read the prayers out to them -- Cecil and Ivan. Galing nga, kasi ang attentive talaga ni Ivan, napansin niyang kausap ko sila dun sa prayer for them, so he nudged Cecil so they could both look at me. Hehehe. Nakakaiyak. Ang hirap talaga magbasa pag super touched ka with what you see.

When Cecil and Ivan read their vows to each other, super nakakaiyak. Coz you can hear in the words that they chose that their love is deep and that they truly make each other happy. ;D I am so happy for my friend(s)!

The reception was held in Makati, at the Philippine Heritage Library. The climate was perfect, it wasn't humid nor was it chilly. Tamang tama lang. The food was super yummy, everything was great! As in! And because of love for coffee, the bride and groom arranged to have FREE Starbucks coffee for the guests. O HA! Sosyal! Super sarap. The program was great too! It was fun watching the single guys and girls sweat not to get "picked" (and I am oh so glad to be exempted from the bouquet and garter game). The speeches and messages to the husband and wife I found so "controversial". Made me want to pick a fight. Hehehe. But hey, all in all, it was a great day!

The girl found the right guy and the guy fround the right girl! Congrats again, Cecil and Ivan!

Like I said, you two make a beautiful couple, don't let other people convince you otherwise!

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