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Fully Packed Weekend! December 8 and 9 2007

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Last weekend (Dec 8 and 9) was such a hectic (but definitely so so fun) weekend for Richard and me (Sunday for Luis too)!

Dec 8, 9am - 1230pm Huey's Baptism

We went to Christ the King Church for the Huey's christening (son of Richard's colleague). Richard is one of the godfathers. Since it was December 8 (Immaculate Conception), a lot of parents picked this date to have their kids baptized (13 babies in total!). This resulted in a chaotic and very noisy ceremony. It was fun to watch people do their best not to burn the clothes or hair of the person next to them with their lit candles. Heeheehee. ;)

One fun thing about the baptism was, there was an eye candy! Bernadette Sembrano came as a ninang (I assumed) of one of the babies there. She's pretty from afar, but according to Richard, up close, her skin's not as clear as his daw (yes, yes, my hubby is in love with himself. Hehehe).
The reception was at Katips (cool parents, huh, sa bar ang reception ng binyag) and had a blast with the baked something tahong! Super duper yummy! As in I went back several times to get. Super duper yummy talaga (sabi ni Richard, baka daw buntis nanaman ako! Hahaha! My mom's wish!)

By the time we were getting ready to leave, Huey woke up! He is such a cutie boy! He doesn't look like he's 3 months old! He looks like he's 5 months! What's so adorable was, when we were saying goodbye, he kept smiling at me! Chay, his mom, say he only smiles at beautiful people. Hehehe. Nagagandahan daw yata sa akin si Huey. Told them that the kid has taste! O diba, at 3 months, narerecognize na niya ang beauty.

By around 1230, it was too early to head to Cecil's wedding, so we went to Galleria first.

Dec 8, 1230 - 230pm Robinson's Galleria

Richard and I decided to spend some window shopping time at the mall first. We initially intended to just window shop but ended up buying stuff! We went into Chinese Laundry to look at shoes and couldn't stop myself from getting the 3 pairs I liked! I couldn't help it! They were just begging me to take them out of that store! So I answered their call. Hehehe. Richard, seeing that I bought shoes, decided to shoe shop himself. So he bought himself a pair of comfy sandals from Rockport. Ayan, pareho tuloy kaming masaya. Hehehe.

As if on cue, by the time we finished picking out our purchases, it was time to dress up for Cecil's wedding. We initially wanted to use Holiday Inn's restrooms to do this, but got to lazy for the long walk. So we just changed in the nearest restroom.

Dec 8, 230 - 9pm Cecil and Ivan's Wedding

After getting dolled up and dressed, we headed to the church where Cecil will become a missus. Nuestra Senora De Gracia. The reception was in Makati and it was great. I don't want to give more details here as I feel Cecil's wedding deserves it's own blog entry. ;)

Dec 9, whole day Angeles, Pampanga

It was the first time for everyone to visit my bro-in-law's house in Pampanga and we were all excited about it. For one, they promised that we will have Auntie Mel's famous kare-kare and shrimps! Plus of course, we would see Sky again (who had been on vacation there for a week).
There wasn't anything much planned, it was more like a "let's go there, I think that'll be fun" kind of thing. We didn't really know what there is in Angeles, so we let the tour guides (my sis and Joey) decide.

They brought us to Pure Gold in Clark. I know there's Pure Gold in Cubao and wherever in Metro Manila, but I haven't been there, so I didn't know if I would have seen the same or not. Whatever the case, we went around and hoarded chocolates and other munchies (junk food addict)! Most of the chocolates there are still available here in Metro Manila, except that with the exchange rate (at PhP42.), it was cheaper to get there. Plus they had Symphony Blue (my ULTIMATE favorite chocolate) that I couldn't find here (most of the time, it's just Symphony Red that I see.

Then in the afternoon, we went to Paskuhan Village in San Fernando (my fault, I saw on the internet that Pampanga is the Christmas capital of the Philippines and that paskuhan Village was great!). So i dragged everyone there, although Joey did warn me that it was boring. We still went. True to his word, it WAS boring. It was a waste of gas and energy. But at least now we know first hand.

What made up for that was the fact that we were able to get our very own Christmas Capiz lantern on our way back to Angeles. Richard was the one who picked out which one we would get coz Luis was sleeping in my arms in the car. It was great! and since that's really where the Capiz lanterns are made, it was cheaper than if we bought something similar here in metro Manila.

An added bonus to this trip was, we found a dining set!!! A CHEAP set that's made of hard wood and big enough for 6! We had been thinking of changing our set for some time and had been deliberating on where to buy and what to buy. Good thing we were dilly-dallying coz the perfect set was waiting for us there in Angeles!

Now our only problem is HOW to bring it here. Hmmm. Does anyone own a lipat-bahay truck you're willing to lend us for free? :D We'll take care of the gas, toll fees, and the driver's lunch!!!

Haaaaay, sarap ng weekend na yun. Makes me kinda wish weekends were longer!

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