Monday, July 13, 2009

Past Resurrected

Posted in Friendster September 19, 2007

I recently created a Multiply account to add a comment to this blog entry my friends found one lazy afternoon. It was for this girl writing about the sappy memories of the kind of love and attention she used to get from her first love -- who, by the way is now my husband. It was so funny to learn that Richard's ex (after many years of being apart from him, having a husband of her own, and siring 2 kids), would still reminisce about how my husband used to take care of her. How sad can that get? The man she left (based on her entry) had already moved on and is now having the time of his life while she's still thinking about every little detail of their forgotten (except by her) past. Please, the past is dead and should not be resurrected, unless you really want to be ridiculed or pitied.

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