Monday, July 13, 2009

Why The Ex Acts Like So Theory


Boy falls in love with Girl when they were still in high school. Boy treats Girl well coz he is an innately good man, even when (according to Boy) Girl is a teenage bitch who thinks she's better than everyone else. After 5 years, Girl says to herself, "I deserve so much more than this" and without batting an eyelash leaves Boy to run after another Boy who seemed like "a better catch". Boy feels sad but later realizes that he's indeed better off without the Girl -- he's free to find a better match! And in his heart he felt relieved that he no longer needs to put up with her wily and sly ways.

On the other hand, Girl gets herself pregnant TWICE and gets upset that the New Boy doesn't treat her as well as the First Boy (perhaps New Boy treated her the way she deserved to be treated --badly?). She realizes that she had it all when she was with First Boy. So now she wants him back. Alas! First Boy doesn't want to have anything to do with her anymore! He realized soon after they broke up that he deserved better. He doesn't even care to be friends with the Girl. Now Girl is not used to not getting what she wants. She’s wily and evil and will do anything to get her way. So, Girl thinks to herself, "If only I can stay in speaking terms with First Boy, I will still have a chance to win him back." So she insists on still being friends with First Boy. In her mind, they are “friends”. In his mind, she is “his embarrassing past”.

Boy finally meets Right Girl. Right Girl and Right Boy fall in love. They weathered storms and faced trials like there was no tomorrow. They fought for their love and won. They got married and have a baby. They are extremely happy.

Old Girl is horrified. How can she ever win First Boy back? She misses the love and attention he used to give her. She gets “devoured” by their happy memories. Perhaps that was the only time someone really actually loved her. Perhaps that was the only time she was actually happy. And she thinks to herself, “If First Boy’s marriage doesn’t work, we’ll both be separated from our partners, and we’ll be free to be together!”

So Old Girl uses her evil creativity and invents stories to make it look like First Boy still is crazy about her. She says to herself, “I will destroy their marriage and win First Boy. And this time, I will take care of him and love him because I will never find someone as wonderful.” So on with her plan, Old Girl makes up lies and stories to try to affect Right Girl and Right Boy’s relationship.

Right Girl laughs and turns to First Boy who says, “Nasisiraan na talaga ng ulo yan. Ganyan yata talaga pag patapon ang buhay at nothing to lose ka na. Nagiging ilusyonada. Wag mo na lang pansinin. Inggit lang niya dahil tayo masaya at siya hindi.”

The End.

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