Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to Work!

Posted in Multiply Nov 4 07

"Inarguably, travel is one of the greatest luxuries. The idea of flying (or driving) out, taking a cruise or a leisurely ride to visit a diferent city, country or exotic destination promises a variety of possibilities. As with most trips, there lies the promise of a breathtaking view - that of pristine oceans and shores, divine mountain ridges and ranges, thriving and dynamic cosmopolitan landscapes." -- Bianca Salonga, The Philippine Star November 4, 2007

I could not agree more! Add to that the fact that you are travelling with the loves of your life and you've got the best deal ever!

I just came back from another long weekend getaway with my family. We went to Cavite, Tagaytay, and Batangas all in 3 days. We had a blast swimming (si Kulit boy gininaw, as in major nginig ang chin -- hehehe!), eating (yum yum talaga sa Sonya's - Richard says I'm an addict) and relaxing while breathing clean province air!

I am just so blessed that my family and I find pleasure and happiness in little things.
Monday is always a day that's hardest to deal with. Having to tear myself away from my hubby and kulit so early in the morning to go to work is such a pain. BUT, it's pain that I truly am grateful for. I still thank God that he let me wake up that day - alive and well enough to attend to my pressing duties, that He blessed us with work that allows us to pay for the bills and let us afford last minute plans for trips out of town.

So although Monday morning can be a drag, it's still great! It simply means only 5 days away (including half day Satudays) before I can lounge around with my hubby and baby again!
It's great to be alive! I love this life! Mwaaaaaaah!

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