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NN Diamond Christmas Party Dec 19 2007

Posted in Multiply Dec 19 07

It was my first NN Christmas. I arrived alone at the Ilustrado in Intramuros. After registering for the raffle, I immediately felt like fish out of water. I was alone and didn’t know who I’d be hanging out with that night. All of a sudden, I missed my TDS friends more. I sent them a text message and to show support, they called me on the phone to keep me company at least for a few minutes (How sweet is that, huh? Thanks Lyn, Maianne, Beth, and Claire!). The medical team was sweet enough to adopt me for a few hours, so I wouldn’t have to sit alone. Later on, Ron and Chona arrived (also from Oceanlink) and we ended up sitting together later. Colleagues from Sales (Donnie and Rommel) later hung out and said hello. I didn’t have to sit alone naman pala! Thank goodness! And it’s not entirely true that I don’t have friends in NN. Siguro, budding friendships pa lang kaya I don’t really feel it yet.

As the hours passed, I realized that I was enjoying the party. It wasn’t so bad! The performers were great (Fat Babes are actually fat gays who sing like women – but can also sound like men, Jennifer Lee of Viva Hot Babes was really eye-catching and entertaining – especially for the men), the food was yummy (or was I just too hungry?!), and the Chairman announced one month’s bonus for everyone (yahoo!).

It was just so sad that I didn’t win ANYTHING out of the 150 ++ gift items to be raffled off (what’s one tv out of the 7 21” TV’s or so that they gave out? O kaya man lang one of the washing machines – we need to replace ours – or kahit man lang one of the 17 rice cookers? Anything would have been appreciated!). Oh well, unlucky in raffles, lucky in other things, I’d say.

All in all, it was a good night. It was.

Merry Christmas, NN! Thanks for counting me as part of the family!

Post Christmas party: Just learned the bitter fact that NOT ALL employees will get a bonus. I assumed ( I made an ass of u and me) that when the Chairman said ALL EMPLOYEES, he meant all employees of the mother company. Turned out, he just meant employees of the MAIN company (and it’s subsidiary) and not the other sister companies (including us).

So now my team (there are only 4 of us) have long faces for being led to believe that ALL meant ALL. Sana pala hindi na lang nila inannounce sa party, noh?

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